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YEYWA Hydropower Station in Burma
Myanmar Yeywa hydropower station

   Our company has supplied core lifting equipment for hydropower station, which is the Southeast Asia's largest hydropower station.
Main powerhouse 250t overhead (gantry) crane first time realized the lifting mechanism (potential
energy load) 1:50 highspeed-adjusting ratio in China, achieved heavy-load starting without slipping the hook, long time running and accurate positioning, light load with high-speed, improved efficiency;
through the network control technology between two sets of cranes to achieve high precision double trolley lifting function, make the two cranes "join as one", the total lifting capacity doubled. The overhead (gantry) crane control technology application received 1 Utility Model Patent, and won Zhejiang Science and Technology Awards. 


                        250t/40t overhead (gantry) crane for Myanmar                                                         2×1250kN traveling hoist crane for Myanmar 

                                      Yeywa hydropower station                                                                                             Yeywa hydropower station