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Research and Development Department

“ Science and technology is the first productive force” , “Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development”. R&D Department is set up for adapting to enterprise development, guaranteeing company’s core competitiveness and product technological content. Relying on water conservancy construction machinery engineering center under the Ministry of Water Resources, R&D Department is not only company think-tank center, but also Provincial New High-tech Enterprise technical supporting platform, its main functions as below:

Main function
R&D of new product, new technology, new equipment, new material;
Policy-making and consulting of enterprise innovation strategy and 

development  strategy;
Enterprise technical innovation system building;
University-industry collaboration and foreign exchange cooperation;
Technology innovation and talent cultivation.

Main results
The R&D Department has completed a number of“ 948”
projects, provincial major science and technology programs,
enterprise key scientific breakthroughs, new product development
etc. The main research direction at present:
1.Simulation and optimization of crane machinery and new
product development;
2.Simulation and optimization of concrete machinery and new
product development;
3.New technology application and development of water
conservancy and electric power construction machinery;
4.Key technologies researching of thermal spray
re-manufacturing coating structure performance optimization;
5.Key technologies development of wear resisting and anti-
-corrosion polymer composite coating materials;
6.Closed-loop high enthalpy plasma surface preparation
technology of hydraulic mechanical system based on functional
7.Hydro-brake orderly drainage key technology and equipment research.